News about MolAICal

17-May-2022: I am Guest Editor on Special Issue "Methods and Applications of Statistical and Deep Learning in Mathematical Biology". If you are interested in this Special Issue and want to submit your research work, please contact me ( Thanks.
20-October-2021: WIREs Advanced Science News report MolAICal and our AI points for drug discovery:
14-October-2021: Our paper has been published on WIREs Computational Molecular Science:, "Application advances of deep learning methods for de novo drug design and molecular dynamics simulation". The developed direction of MolAICal will be along with the idea of this paper.
14-June-2021: A webserver based on partial functions of MolAICal is online (see: "WADDAICA: a webserver for aiding protein drug design by artificial intelligence and classical algorithm".
26-August-2020: MolAICal received "Anti-epidemic Special Award" in Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Pilot Cup Parallel Computing Application Grand Prix. Media coverage:
26-June-2020: The manuscript about MolAICal is accepted by Briefings in Bioinformatics.









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